Get Know about “TAX REPORT”

Get Know about “TAX REPORT”

Is a report form that requires operators to create for the benefit of recording the amount of purchases of companies that have been collecting other income stored in the purchase of goods or services. Which is to be purchased in that month by looking at the original driving license received from the purchase of the product Can be posted in that month because there are some necessities to be posted in the next month but not more than 6 months from the month following the month of the tax invoice

The purchase tax report is a report that the VAT registrant must prepare and be able to report the purchase tax for only the purchase items with proof of tax invoice. Or a credit memo, credit note, or other receipt as prescribed by law Posting an item to increase the purchase tax, ie, the purchase tax that occurs due to

1.       Buying or importing goods or raw materials

2.       Buying or leasing or importing assets

3.       Product consignment

4.       Receiving services or paying various expenses

5.       Increasing product prices or service charges

6.       VAT value that the operator will register for delivery according to the form of the PO 36 because the service fee is paid in foreign countries and the service is used in the country. Or accepting the transfer of goods or services that had previously been entitled to a value-added tax of 0%

For listing to reduce the amount of purchase tax in the report of the purchase tax to be reduced Ie the purchase tax due to the following list

–          Returning or canceling a service contract

–          Reducing product prices or service charges that are not agreed upon


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