5 tax types that business owners have to pay

5 tax types that business owners have to pay

Hello, Today, let’s talk about taxes better. Many people often have questions in mind that after opening a company or registering to do business, what taxes are required today? @TAXBugnoms. If we do business in the form of “juristic person”, when we have 5 related taxes

1. Corporate income tax

Corporate income tax is a tax that is levied on a taxable entity that is subject to tax under the tax law that “Revenue Code” if we do ordinary business in the form of the company or partnership That means that our business is certainly responsible for corporate income tax. At present, those who are liable to corporate income tax according to the government regulation include companies or juristic partnership. Registered under the Civil and Commercial Code and includes other juristic persons Which is not registered under the Civil and Commercial Code For the corporate income tax return form, there are 2 types of transactions, namely PND 50 for tax accounting, which must be submitted within 150 days after the closing date and the PND 51 form. That must be submitted within 2 months after the half year period as well

2. withholding taxes

For withholding tax means “Taxes that have been deducted in advance” or a method of collecting taxes in a way that causes our business to pay taxes in advance Whereby the law requires that the payer be responsible for tax deduction when paying Which is in accordance with the type of income and the tax rate Or simply say, Taxes that were “broken” since the payer “paid” the money to us Similar to the principle of saving money that “savings before use”, but for withholding tax, it must be called “before payment” by the tax-deductible person Must be submitted with Form PND 3 in case of deduction of natural persons and PND 53, in case of deduction of juristic person within the 7th day of the following month


Value added tax is the tax collected from the incremental value. From people doing business, selling products or providing various types of services The person who is responsible for VAT is the entrepreneur and the importer, including the manufacturer. Service provider, wholesaler, retailer, exporter, importer with annual income of 1,800,000 baht or more, whether natural or corporate If observed well in Every day we have to spend on various matters. Enjoying whether it is eating, sour, or sultry. When looking at the “bill” or “receipt”, we may see the word “bill”. “Tax Invoice”, which has a number that says that the money we pay is “VAT” in that many baht, such as buying a product at a price of 535 baht. Yes And for those who do most business Often have to pay this type of tax from trading or providing services By having to submit Form PHP 30 every 15th day of the following month 

4. Specific business tax

Specific business tax Is another tax according to the Revenue Code That is collected from a specific business operation, instead of the canceled trade tax, such as commercial banks, pawn shops or real estate sales And submit a tax return form named Por.40 and in the general case of the business When selling real estate or lending, the tax will be charged at a rate of 3.3% (including local tax rates).

5. revenue stamp

Stamp duty is another tax according to the Revenue Code. But will collect when there are 28 instruments between them as specified in the stamp duty rate account By using strikes to indicate the use of such stamps Which the person who is able to strike must be in accordance with the Revenue Code by the term “instrument” under the Revenue Code Documents that require stamp duty As specified in the stamp duty rate account Or simply to say “contract”, for example, the instrument (contract) rented with the house Hire purchase, property, hire, make loan, etc.


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